Value never delivered?

The typical model traditionally worked by super product providers essentially splits into two approaches, one being the provision of a personal account with minimum functionality and the other being a variety of product options in ultimately providing financial planning services to individuals who can afford such luxury. Consequently, the vast majority of individuals who have no intention of paying the high fees for full financial planning are left to fend for themselves.

 Most working individuals are in employer plans, personal retail products or industry funds, possibly in the belief that one of them is best but really with no idea if they are doing well in managing their super. They await the annual release of investment performance as reported each July in the media to see just where their particular choice finished. Some individuals don’t even go that far.

What’s wrong with super?

In truth and just in case you cannot hear, the answer is:


Super in Australia is a brilliant innovation introduced 30 years ago when many existing employees were not yet in the workforce. There are several generations of employees who have realised gradually over that 30 years that super is a personal asset to be managed as a wealth creation strategy and extremely important to their future retirement, an event which every elderly person realises comes too soon. 

When and how do I start?

As soon as you commence employment and open your first super account is the perfect timing but for anyone further along who has not yet engaged with their super, NOW is a good idea.

In terms of the “how”, that is always a more challenging consideration for most people. There are many influences and influencers around super, many of whom are grinding their axe against your asset. The first positive point to be made is to find a reliable source of information, so one that is not product promoted. In effect you need to find a product comparator that makes sense.

There are regulations in abundance around super and other complications in understanding the key decisions to be made and then there is market timing. Essentially for anyone entering the workforce today, your super has the potential to be your million dollar asset at the point of your retirement. Manage it better than your forebears and let’s call that your $1.6m asset?

High benefit and low cost

By sourcing the appropriate information leading to timely advice on cost, contribution and investment strategies, it is possible to increase your asset from your current strategy to an alternative strategy in optimising your projected income in retirement by a surprising amount. 

Then again there is a proliferation of products to be considered and then technical decisions to be made around the relative benefit from different strategies in terms of contribution and investment. You might have an opinion yourself around your approach and might wish to do it your own way. It is not easy to discover a source of information which would proactively maintain your individual strategy and guide you in making all significant decisions through your working life.

Or is it?


As a digital application, SuperWiser is unique in its provision of personal advice, limited to your super asset without any intention of selling you anything but super guidance and direction. The features are apparent:

  • The application is well presented and easily navigated
  • A database of 40 products across employer super, personal retail and industry funds, a database that is kept up to date as any changes occur
  • There are product details, again maintain should any change occur, for costs, MySuper default and recommended portfolios
  • There is a series of fact finds to tailor any personal advice to your own circumstances
  •  All documentation is embedded in the application, presented for you to download and available for our user record should you lose your copy
  • SuperWiser illustrates what to do and the benefit of doing so by comparing your current to a proposed strategy should you decide to buy the advice
  • The fee structure is transparent in that you are half way through the application before you see the request to pay with the benefit of the service clearly on display
  • You are supported throughout your journey by our SuperWiser Contact Centre, an important support centre to assist in answering your queries
  • SuperWiser takes you from your initial query through to a presentation of the proposition and onwards in implementing our recommendations for a very affordable price

Your initial service will cost $220 inclusive of GST and subsequent updates to your contribution or investment strategies will be $110 inclusive of GST, clearly priced to entice what is a complicated service automated through technology.

SuperWiser interacts in providing benefits to any employee from early career through to older workers two or three years from retirement.


Examine our website at or call our Contact Centre on 1800 267 267. Alternatively register on the application and experience what’s available to a point free of charge. Examine our video on our website or on YouTube. 




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