First and foremost, super is your money.

How well or poorly you manage it as a wealth creation strategy is up to you.

For optimal performance, super (like most financial assets) needs the right decisions made at the right time and sometimes requires professional advice.

The main reason why super should be optimised is that it is in your best interest financially to do so.

Common Mistakes

Not taking steps to optimise your super results in missed opportunities, mistakes, and sub-optimal retirement outcomes. Past mistakes cannot be changed, but you can ensure not to repeat them in the future. 

Individuals in your age group who remain in a default investment option, do not have an additional contribution strategy in place and are complacent to the level of insurance cover held within super are at risk of continuing to minimise instead of optimise their super asset over time.  

Review the recent Super Essentials publication on Lost Opportunities.

Expert Advice & Service

Super can seem complicated, especially if you are not a financial professional. 

The SuperWiser client portal provides access to affordable, expert advice and service specifically focused on assisting you with better managing your super towards a superior outcome. It helps you make informed decisions and avoid common mistakes.

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