Improving Your Superannuation Outcomes

Pay Attention

It seems like a simple concept, but a lot of people miss out on the fact that you can make a lot more of your super if you just pay it some attention. Why? Usually because there’s a lot of noise and negativity around super, which can make it a little unappealing to engage with. It’s a mistake to ignore it though – with some input now, you can add an additional 20% in today’s purchasing power to your projected income in retirement. 

The SuperWiser Proposition

SuperWiser has been developed by a group of people who are used to providing personal scaled advice. The people involved are not financial planners and are not intending to promote a high margin service where the value in terms of wealth creation is questionable. 

SuperWiser essentially runs on a database of products and their details, which it assesses to see if there is a possibility of an improvement with your current super set up. Generally speaking, if you have been previously disengaged with your super, it is usually found that you can do better. The app will make some projection about improvement, and as you proceed through the application and provide some more personal details, we’ll be able to confirm the potential for improvement. In effect you get this information at no cost to you. 

Cost Versus Value

To implement the recommendations made by SuperWiser will cost you $220. SuperWiser provides you with a system to monitor your progress against the projection over the short to medium term. 

It’s important to remember that managing your super is not a one off exercise. You need to maintain your strategies as regulations change, products improve and markets are never as stable as we like. SuperWiser will do all the heavy lifting and notify you when there is something needing attention.

The Go-To Virtual Adviser

One of the best features of SuperWiser is 24/7 availability. You also do not have to look at your super constantly as SuperWiser will alert you if change is needed. You do not have to make an appointment and go anywhere and SuperWiser does not try to sell you more and more higher priced services.

SuperWiser is an affordable and available service which will initiate the attention required in optimising your asset and giving you choices when you meet the earliest condition of release (currently retiring at age 60).

What Next?

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For your information, SuperWiser is owned and funded by Super Simpler Pty Ltd, a private company with 5 individual owners. SuperWiser has no commercial relationship with any product.

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