What Service Does SuperWiser Provide?

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Could your super be better?

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What Steps Are Involved Using SuperWiser?

No time consuming, long lists of super funds to consider, we do it all for you!

Step 1 - >>>

Compare Current

STEP 1 is FREE (no cost)

First up, you provide some minimal information on your current super, we run this through our market leading projection tool and compare it against a better super we’ve identified for you.

We then show you the difference this makes to your projected annual retirement income, so you can evaluate whether it’s in your best interest to take some action and get your super setup sorted.

From here, you move to Step 2.

Step 2 - >>>

Confirm Current
Super Setup

STEP 2 is FREE (no cost)

Upon your authorisation, we’ll liaise directly with your current super provider so we can obtain exact details on how your current super has been setup. There’s no running around required from you, we do all the work. 

We then re-run the calculations and  confirm how much better off your annual retirement income is projected to be based on the super setup we’ve recommended for you.

If your super setup is already pretty good, then we’ll tell you that too. Either way, you’ve got nothing to lose from giving SuperWiser a try, in fact, you may have quite a bit to gain.

From here, you move to Step 3.

Step 3 - >>>

Review & Evaluate Super Setup

STEP 3 is FREE (no cost)

Next is to understand the impact that the different super setup factors can have on the amount of projected annual income you’re on track to have to spend in retirement. 

We break it down simply, so you know exactly what’s  being assessed as part of identifying a better super setup and consider how your current super setup stacks up. 

We do all of this for FREE. Why? Because we understand that super can be a little confusing. First and foremost we want you to have a clear understanding of the mechanics involved when setting up your super and what difference those various setup factors can make to your super’s financial future. 

At this point you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether to proceed to purchase personal super setup advice & service from us at Step 4. There is absolutely no obligation for you to proceed to Step 4, so why not take advantage of Step 1 to 3 for FREE and then decide? 

Step 4

Super Setup Advice & Service

STEP 4 is $220 inc GST

Payment can be made via credit card or PayPal.  

At this point, we’ve already done the hard work of identifying if there’s a better super setup projected to improve your super’s financial future.  All you need to do is review your personalised super setup advice recommendations, confirm you want to proceed and then move step by step through the online,  implementation service.

Just so you know, the whole process for getting all the changes to your super setup organised and implemented with your super fund can take up to 3 months. This may sound like a long time but don’t worry, there’s really not much you need to do as we’ll be doing most of the hard work. We’ll also keep you updated on progress at every stage of the journey.

Why not get started with Step 1 today, it’s FREE?