Irrespective of who your super is with, SuperWiser can typically provide service and advice to help you better manage your super asset. 

Super is an area where mistakes and regrets are common, but when you better understand how super works and actively manage it, there is a significant opportunity to end up with an asset well beyond initial expectations. 

Optimal super outcomes do not materialise by accident. You must set goals, implement a strategic plan, review regularly and make updates as conditions dictate. 

The SuperWiser portal helps you easily manage all of this. 

Super Review

The first step in taking responsibility for your super asset is to review your current approach. 

Upon your authorisation, we will liaise directly with your super provider to obtain the exact details of your super and its current management. 

SuperWiser will then calculate your baseline projected income in retirement based on your current approach. It will also indicate how it can improve. 

Complete your initial Super Review for free.

Super Strategy

Once your free Super Review is complete, you can continue to optimise your super asset and implement an initial super strategy. 

SuperWiser provides a better understanding of your super asset, helps you establish goals and objectives, confirms your product selection and delivers personal advice around contribution and investment strategies. 

If you continue, a one-off cost of $220 (inc GST) is involved.

Strategy Update

Optimising your super is not a set-and-forget exercise. It requires considered and consistent, active management.

Your future super balance and subsequent retirement income correlate directly to the decisions you make (or fail to make) every year in the workforce.

SuperWiser automatically notifies you to review your super and will recommend updates to your super strategy in alignment with your goals and objectives and as market conditions dictate. 

If you update, a one-off cost of $110 (inc GST) is involved.