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The facts about Australian Super funds

We have reviewed the performance of many well known super funds in Australia. 
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SuperWiser manages while others tinker

Every asset needs attention – especially your super. SuperWiser has been designed to help you make informed choices about your superannuation. By comparing many of Australia’s leading super products, it can help you find the best set-up for your situation.

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New Year? New Super Resolutions

The New Year is the time when many of us take stock of our lives and make some resolutions about improvements or changes we’d like to make, and one of the best areas many of us can address is often our financial circumstances. Taking the opportunity to look into your super at the beginning of the year to ensure that it is being optimised can have a dramatic impact on your future.

SuperWiser can help make this process easy! Find out more in our latest blog.

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We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions.  Find out how SuperWiser works to how much it costs and more.  

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Superwiser are specialists in providing online superannuation advice & service at an affordable price.  

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