SuperWiser & Super Times

An Exciting Time Ahead For Super

The recent budget presented by the treasurer really should have minimal impact on what you do with your super.  The problem as always is there are too many misconceptions and misleading opinions being promoted about super.

The simple fact is that super is just the same as your garden:

The more attention you pay it, the better it grows and the more it grows, the more you love to pay it attention.  This is known as asset satisfaction.

Concepts Of Design

SuperWiser has been in development for a long time. It is licensed to operate under AXIS Financial Group Pty Ltd (AFSL 233680). The challenge in development has been creating an application that can cope with the regulatory complexities of super. It must be capable of:

  • Understanding the user’s circumstances.


  • Considering the appropriate advice through the principles of active servicing.


  • Having a definition of what represents the perfectly serviced super account.


  • Ensuring the user is given a method to understand their super goals & objectives and then the ability to monitor the asset’s approach towards those goals and objectives.


  • The user must feel more educated by proceeding through the SuperWiser advisory process and therefore more in control.

Future developments of SuperWiser are in the pipeline:

  • The application has to be able to recalculate super products for existing users each year to ensure their current product is still the right one for them.


  • The application has to notify users when they should next adjust their strategy, possibly based upon a change in circumstance, legislation or in fact the next market cycle.


  • While the existence of appropriate insurance is a secondary consideration, an insurance calculator and quotations software would be beneficial.

Benefits Of The Service

SuperWiser has a significant product base and an ability to know more about super than you do. If your main source of information is the media or if your understanding of super is limited to a single item such as investment returns, your choice and management of the product is more likely to be reducing your end result than optimising it.

If your sources are online or possibly product aligned, again you are not approaching the exercise of optimising your super properly. Sophisticated marketing and sales techniques are very persuasive nowadays. The byword in the financial services industry at present is digital marketing which is perceived by providers as a service. 

SuperWiser is plain and simple and affordable.  The cost of full personal scaled advice is $220 (inc GST) and the application takes you all the way through from thinking about it to the implementation of whatever is recommended to you.

Lots Of Questions

SuperWiser has to get to know you to provide the right advice. Which means you’ll need to provide us with some accurate data around your current arrangement.

For the public user, there are three calculations performed by SuperWiser to prove you can make significantly more super. All of these calculations are conducted to progressively tailor the personal advice to your situation. The initial comparison between your current and proposed strategies are presented by asking as few questions as possible. The next calculation confirms consistency with the result depicted by the first calculation. The final calculation confirms everything before you can choose to pay and go ahead with implementation.  

The information required only makes SuperWiser all the more credible. Your information is also secure as every measure has been taken not only to secure the data but even to test the measures as applied.

Watch Your Super Grow

One of the features of the application is in establishing goals and objectives for your super, then understanding parameters of performance and then some medium term milestones.  The provision of advice is not a one off exercise to be done and then set and forget. SuperWiser will explain what you need to do to progress towards your long term goals and SuperWiser will then tell you your next two milestones. Markets do fluctuate and one is always looking to the future with the past in mind.  

When you should have achieved a future milestone, SuperWiser will contact you and examine what has happened in the time between advice and milestone.  SuperWiser will further educate you as to what has happened and what it means to you.

As previously stated, everything develops positively if you pay it enough attention. Perhaps you have been somewhat negligent around your super up until now. It’s ok. Better to start paying attention now rather than years from now. 

Start your free Super Review today. You may find your current super strategy is already optimal, but, then again, you may not.

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