Payment & Refund Policy

SuperWiser offers easy, affordable and worthwhile super advice and service to individuals relative to different superannuation setups and products via it’s new, revolutionary Australian Superannuation Advice & Service app called SuperWiser.

The services, offered via our online SuperWiser app, have been designed to assist you in understanding what income in retirement your current super arrangement is projected to provide you with, we then compare this against a better super setup and contrast the difference. The best part is we do all this for FREE!

We’ll then give you the option to take control of your super by purchasing a Super Setup Advice & Service Package. Upon your confirmation, you’ll be required to pay the associated fee-for-service amount, upfront via credit card (Visa, Master Card, PayPal). We do not have any hidden fees or trail commissions.

SuperWiser Services

Step 1: Compare Current Super Setup – Free

You provide us with some minimal information about your current super setup and we’ll run it through out market leading projection tool and compare it against other participating super fund setups. We then tell you how much better off you could potentially be if you were in a better super setup that we’ve identified for you. This should only be considered as general advice.

Step 2: Confirm Current Super Setup – Free

You authorise us to liaise with your current super provider so we can collect accurate data relevant to your current super setup. We then rerun our comparison projection tool and confirm how much better off you could potentially be if you were in a better super setup. If you’re in fact already in a good super setup, we’ll tell you that too. This again should only be considered as general advice.

Step 3: Review & Evaluate Super Setup – Free

We’ll show you an overview of the different factors contributing to the improved projected outcome of the better super setup. This again should only be considered as general advice. Then the choice is yours as to whether you want to take control and purchase a Super Advice & Service package and sort out your super. 

Step 4: Super Setup Advice & Service Package – One Off, Fixed Price $220* inc GST

We’ll give you a detailed explanation of the better super setup strategy for your specific circumstances. Prior to confirming your super setup strategy, you’ll be able to play around with some variables to see what dollar value difference they can make to your projected income in retirement. Once you’ve confirmed your super setup strategy, we will guide you through a step by step implementation process and finish up by providing you with a set of performance parameters and target milestones so you’ll be able to easily measure that your super is on track. This is now considered personal advice.

*For Employer Plan members, a discount may apply


Refunds are due for:

1. Non-delivery of a beneficial service
2. Incorrect analysis of data
3. Inappropriate advice causing loss to the client
4. Any delays in responding to queries resulting in a tangible loss to the client

Please contact us immediately should a refund be due. No refunds are due once there has been full and successful delivery of service.

Reviewed No Changes – April 2023