Superman Versus SuperWiser

Who Will Win?

Superman versus SuperWiser – it’s a contest I’d like to see as I am confident SuperWiser will win.

Tools like SuperWiser are superheroes when it comes to managing your super. Decisions about your super are some of the most significant choices you can make – they impact on your future retirement savings and quality of life and so it helps to have a powerful ally like SuperWiser on your side. 

So, why is SuperWiser the solution to your super struggle?

Personal Scaled Advice

Government regulation has focused on product, as well as holistic financial advice which can be costly. Many individuals however don’t have many other assets that need managing, they just want advice on their super. The service required is known as personal scaled advice, or limited advice.

SuperWiser meets all regulatory requirements and focuses on the delivery of high value advice at an affordable cost. The app gathers details of your circumstances and then processes a combination of product comparisons to identify the right product for your contribution strategy and investment strategy, before providing you with a framework to monitor your progress towards your goals and objectives.

With SuperWiser, it’s possible for most individuals to improve the performance of their super asset by over 20% as reflected by their projected income in retirement.

How Does SuperWiser Win?

Credibility is a key consideration when making a decision that might improve your future financial situation. 

SuperWiser is owned by Super Simpler Pty Ltd, a company majorly owned by the directors of AXIS Financial Group Pty Ltd.  AXIS Financial Group has been a market leader in servicing employer super since the early days of its development and AXIS Financial Group provided market leading service statistics in employer super for many years.  No other advisory company penetrated as many workforces in delivering personal scaled advice to as many employees as AXIS did. 

SuperWiser has taken the AXIS service model and automated it with the intention of further increasing the levels of market penetration previously provided to employer super.  SuperWiser intends to do the servicing that should have been done by the product providers who have dominated the super market for so long.

The delivery of personal scaled advice is a space with few competitors as well organised as SuperWiser.  SuperWiser is designed to provide advice to members of any corporate plan, to any individual within a retail personal product, and everyone in an industry fund.  SuperWiser’s muscle is based on an algorithm that contains a database of product details which is used to calculate a better option for the individual depending upon personal circumstances.

Free Super Review

Complete a free Super Review to find out whether  you can potentially do better.  SuperWiser will review your current appraoch and identify how you can improve. You should you chooose to proceed to obtain and implement strategic advice, a very affordable price of $220 (inc GST) is involved.

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