Personal Scaled Super Advice

A New Idea On Super From The Government

Recently there is a new initiative from the government focused on the affordability of financial advice which would benefit 80% of the workforce who cannot afford to engage with a financial planner. ASIC is examining personal scaled advice seriously for the first time since super was originally introduced.

“Our first public output for the unmet advice needs project is a consultation paper, which seeks to gather information from industry participants (licensees and individual advisers) to help us understand what impediments [or] issues exist in relation to them providing limited and affordable personal advice to consumers,” the regulator has said.

ASIC added that they are focused on “whether it can assist industry [to] overcome some of the barriers it faces in providing good quality ‘limited’ and affordable personal advice through actions within its regulatory purview”.

That is exactly the service that SuperWiser delivers.  SuperWiser provides limited personal advice at a very affordable price.

Don’t Wait To Get Started

I doubt there is anyone born who has not faced an opportunity that they later regret not taking. 

Super is one such opportunity – the longer you wait, the less you make.

Every individual by the time they turn 30 should be thinking about strategies to ensure that they are a dollar millionaire by the time they reach retirement. SuperWiser can provide you with the right information to help you make the best choices for your circumstances:

  • Lowest costs.

  • Appropriate contributions.

  • A personalised investment strategy.

  • Highest returns.

  • The setting of goals and objectives.

  • The ability to monitor your progress.

  • An improved understanding on how the rich make more and more money

While super appears overcomplicated, SuperWiser simplifies the process by having a database of around 40 or more products including all the details around peer group performance based upon costs and investment returns.

SuperWiser assists you in identifying what you want to do based upon your personal circumstances and then showing you the options so you can see the difference in $’s to be accumulated.

SuperWiser is the new normal in super servicing should you want to optimise your super at the point of retirement.

Why SuperWiser?

There is a way of managing money in creating wealth. SuperWiser helps to ensure that your super is optimised and performing as well as it possibly can. Here’s why you should use SuperWiser: 

  • Some years ago the government introduced MySuper. It was touted as a solution to certain super issues, partly because it required applying for a MySuper license. If you start to examine government re-regulation since the Royal Commission in 2018, it appears that little was fixed.

  • The annual publication of investment returns by product presents misleading data.

  • SuperWiser not only compares the performance of default options but actually examines investment choice menus by product to construct a mix of portfolios from high growth to conservative to compete with the level of investment returns from MySuper.

  • Any decision you need to make around your super needs to be a reliable and unambiguous source of information and also needs to examine a width of options available from the market.

  • SuperWiser makes the complicated to be dead simple.

Optimising Your Own Super

If you are to achieve your super goal, you must spend time on optimising it. With SuperWiser, you can complete a free Super Review to get an understanding of your current situation prior to deciding  whether it is in your best interest to obtain strategic super advice aim at optimising your outcomes.

If you decide to obtain strategic advice and service from SuperWiser, you will find yourself surprised by how helpful the application is in guiding you through the implementation of the advice.

Is SuperWiser Affordable?

SuperWiser is primed full of the appropriate information to compare different super solutions. SuperWiser is a leading edge application in presenting personal scaled advice to a needy market.  Prices range from $0 to $220 (inc GST) depending on the advice required, making SuperWiser high value/low cost. 

What To Do From Here?

Check your last super statement and consider how long it has taken you to accumulate your current asset and whether or not you should have got there faster. 

Complete your free Super Review. If you have any questions call 1800 467 467.

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