Personal Service & Superannuation

Super Optimisation

Most services offered by super providers are designed to optimise your product provider’s revenue, and not necessarily yours. Personalised service is hard to come by because it involves higher overheads and little returns for product providers. In fact, due to the costs involved, obtaining holistic financial advice is out of reach for at least 80% of the public, most of whom would definitely benefit from it. Instead product providers target individuals with high balances or some who need significant insurances.

SuperWiser makes it possible for that 80% of the public to access personal scaled advice at a very affordable price.

How Does SuperWiser Manage This?

SuperWiser is an application that compares data from more than 40 well-known super products against your current super set-up. It uses an actuarial algorithm to calculate the benefit of different funds based on which service model you’re in:

  • Corporate Super
  • Personal Retail
  • Industry Fund

SuperWiser can help explain where there is room for improvement and if there is a better super set-up out there for you. It provides parameters for performance, thus enabling your ability to monitor your progress against your stated goals and objectives.

Should you decide to proceed with SuperWiser’s recommendations, the application will guide you through each step of the implementation process until completion. And for peace of mind, SuperWiser’s client support team is available should you need it.

Welcome to a new world of personal scaled advice.

Our Approved Product List

SuperWiser is an application owned by a company called Super Simpler Pty Ltd. It has been developed carefully over 5 years and is designed to allow you to play before you pay. The full fee for service is only $220 (inc GST).

With SuperWiser you can always be assured that you’re getting the right current advice because analysis is based on an approved product list which is constantly updated should any changes occur in terms of fees, insurance or product design.

The maintenance of the Approved Product List within SuperWiser is a key responsibility and a necessary function under an Australian Financial Services License. SuperWiser operates under the license held by AXIS Financial Group Pty Ltd (AFSL 233680).

What To Do?

Start by completing a free Super Review to determine if it is in your best interest to obtain strategic super advice to optimise your super outcomes.

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