Super Advice That’s Actually Super Affordable

Totally Affordable

Super is a valuable asset and for anyone who is going to work for 50 years – foresight is always better than hindsight.  Many people think there is only one service option available for their super which is the high priced financial planning model. Research firm Investment Trends has indicated that the numbers accessing financial advice have fallen over the years but that might change as people appear to be considering financial advice as a consequence of life experience through COVID.

You should know, affordable personal scaled advice does exist.

How Much is Affordable?

The cost for holistic advice can be extensive to say the least. On the other hand, new services for limited advice are becoming more and more available, particularly through technology.  Based on an examination of anyone’s super, there is value in obtaining appropriate advice from a suitably licensed and qualified organisation.  

Most people regard the family home as a major asset and its acquisition is a serious emotional journey from beginning to end. Then again, because your super asset starts off small and seems to take forever to become important, too many people do not actively manage super the way they should.  Super is not unlike the acquisition of your family home, with your equity in the asset being small in the first place, the risks are great and it seems to take such a long time to realise value.  

If you had access to a super service which only delivered comprehensive advice around your super and only charged an affordable cost against the value delivered, would you use it?

Such is SuperWiser where full advice is $220 and update advice is $110 but you only pay once when you receive said advice.  There are no ongoing service fees! The value is based on super as a long term wealth creation strategy which needs occasional management to maintain strategies around choice of product, cost of product, contribution, and investment.

Lethargy to Overcome

As a serious asset, super is best managed by the expert. The level of expertise required to develop a perception of which option provides best value for money is technically high.  The proposition posed by technology is its ability to analyse the complex world of super product, wealth creation strategies, and regulation in a timely manner to look after your super better than you can yourself.

Why not access such a service?

Time Efficient

SuperWiser does not sleep.  SuperWiser will always take your appointment when convenient for you.  SuperWiser will not bore you with technicalities. SuperWiser will bring you into a service model which maintains all the strategies to optimise your super, even providing a methodology for you to monitor your progress towards your long term goal and objectives.

Super is a complicated process and, based on market feedback, individuals don’t understand why the process is just so complicated. SuperWiser deals with all the complications and provides advice on how best to manage your growing asset.

Yes there are pause moments in waiting for this or that but SuperWiser will alert you to the next step as soon as things are made to happen.  There is a backroom team monitoring your progress through the application and adviser intervention does take place when required to ease any concerns you might have.

Start your free Super Review to examine if you can substantially benefit from taking control of your super growth.

Industry Resistance

The financial services industry is dominated by certain forces acting in their own best interests and not yours. A very bold statement but one with an element of truth. SuperWiser is a personal service of value not delivered by product and a terrifying proposition if they are forced to adopt it.  Personal service around your super should have been more available than it was.

If you have a suspicion that you are not making the best of your situation and your super, why not examine the play tool on our website and contact one of our authorised representatives to find out more. You can decide not to proceed but best make such a decision based on knowledge as opposed to minimum input.

Send your questions to yoursuper@superwiser.com.au or call free call 1800 467 467 for more information.

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