As the time you have left in the workforce reduces, the importance of your super strategy increases. Whilst you might look at your super balance and think ‘not sure how I got here, but it is not looking too bad’, continuing to dismiss your super can have considerable financial consequences.

If you do not know what you are doing, you best find a source of reliable advice.


Early in your career, you had the opportunity to manage your super towards an optimal income in retirement. As retirement gets closer, your super strategy needs regular health checks.

Some things to consider:

Investment Risk – understand the level of market risk associated with your investment portfolio and the impact this can have on your asset in the event of a significant drop in the market. 

Insurance Costs – the older you get, the more expensive insurance premiums become. Regularly review the cost and appropriateness of your insurance cover.

Tax Benefits – investigate if there are any transition to retirement strategies available to help you save on tax.

The rich stay rich by considering what might happen and not expressing regret after the event.


Informed decisions must be based on up to date knowledge around products, tax legislation and the state of global markets.

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