Common Super Mistakes


Retiring and enjoying the benefits of the super you have accumulated is not too far away on the horizon. Having worked hard to grow a significant super balance throughout your career, you want to ensure you continue to finish strongly on your final lap. Now is not the time to make mistakes due to being uninformed.


The years leading up to retirement require a strategic shift of focus. Traditional accumulation strategies may no longer be appropriate for your personal circumstances. Cost, contribution and overall investment strategy are the areas that require consideration now.

Investment markets are inherently volatile, and not striking the right balance between growth and defence of your super asset at this taper-end phase of your career can be a costly mistake. An inadequate contribution strategy and holding inappropriate insurance coverage within super can also negatively impact your super balance.


Those aged 60 and over should investigate if there is an opportunity to minimise their annual tax bill whilst simultaneously boosting their super account balance using a Transition to Retirement strategy (TTR).

Mechanically at TTR strategy works by salary sacrificing an appropriate amount of your income into super (effectively lowering your taxable income level) whilst simultaneously drawing down a supplementary amount of tax-free income from your super to maintain the same level of take-home pay.


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